Times, Sunday Times (2015)Stir with a large metal spoon until combined. Times, Sunday Times (2009)Squeeze the lemon juice into a large serving bowl and spoon in the mustard and olive oil. Times, Sunday Times (2016)We could no longer spoon the way we used to.

Key to the non anglicized pronunciation of foreign wordsForeign words and phrases, whether naturalized or not, are always given an anglicized pronunciation. The anglicized pronunciation represents the normal pronunciation used by native speakers of standard English (who may not be speakers of other languages) when using the word in an English context. A foreign pronunciation is also given for words taken from other languages (principally French, Dutch, German, Italian, Russian, and Spanish) where this is appreciably different from the anglicized form and where the other language is familiar to a reasonable number of English speakers..

5) la parabola dava l alle raffigurazioni più cupe dell che i predicatori utilizzavano per spaventare i fedeli e convincerli a confessarsi (e a fare laute elargizioni alla Chiesa in vista del trapasso) e ad abbandonarsi a Dio: fiamme, diavoli con i forconi e calderoni bollenti; nella ballata emergono dall migliaia di topi a tormentare con i loro famelici morsi ed in eterno, i dannati (il grasso Dives che in vita banchetta sullo sfruttamento del povero all diventa cibo dei ratti). Qui per fare rima con Christ vengono evocati i in altre versioni è Dante vede il Diavolo Lo del doloroso regno da mezzo petto uscia fuor de la ghiaccia. Piantato nel ghiaccio fino al petto.

The seafood is swimming fresh. The presentation is always first class. The service is excellent and the ownership understands their clientele well. CosìShirley Collins la registrò nel 1958 e Alan Lomax scrisse nelle note Drew My Ship was collected by John Stokoe in Songs and Ballads of Northern England [1899] with no source mentioned. Though it is similar in form and content to many other aubades or dawn serenades, we have not been able to find another song to which this is precisely akin. The listener who cares to compare the recorded version with that published by Stokoe will see how Miss Collins has breathed life back into the print and made something lovely and alive out of an unimpressive folk fragment.

Gorgeous. Jerry Pinkney has to win the Caldecott for this stunning book. Has to. Any of a class of consonants articulated by first making a complete closure at some point of the vocal tract and then releasing it abruptly with audible plosion. [he has discontinued the practice of law]; desist implies a ceasing of some action that is annoying, harmful, futile, etc. [desist from further bickering] OPPOSITES: begin, start, commence.