But yesterday when I went to medical school this disease was called “adult onset” diabetes to distinguish it from “juvenile onset.” On my watch and yours we have witnessed the transformation of a chronic disease of overweight, middle aged, sedentary adults into a pediatric scourge.Yesterday’s news is bad a tragedy, in fact. And a travesty. A disease that should never occur in children has become routine among them, and our collective societal response was to change the name to make it ok.Still, today’s news is even worse.Today’s news is the proliferation of cardiac risk factors among children, and their growing need for treatments that until very recently were limited to adults, such as statin drugs and bariatric surgery.

An Introduction to Community Health (1995)He helped persuade the Chancellor to cancel increases in petrol duty that were initially deemed essential to help reduce the budget deficit. Times, Sunday Times (2014)This year medical academics found that some of their best students were not offered jobs in the first round, while others deemed less competent were. Times, Sunday Times (2006)No wonder 13 Songs has been deemed worthy of a proper promotional push over here.

So what do you tell your kids? It won’t do any good stuffing cash in a mattress since inflation is coming. College costs more than it’s worth now unless your cousin can call Melinda Gates to get you a sweet position. I work 8 or 9 hours 5 or 6 days a week for Morgan Stanley and get about 90K plus bonus, but how long can it last? Two years ago I had been unemployed almost 4 years, and I had to go through a medical emergency (nearly died) before I lucked (maybe unfortunately) into this job.

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Read your Bible. How many days did God set aside for Holy Purposes? One. Just who said that people should only worship on sun day? As Peter said, is better to worship God than man. Times, Sunday Times (2008) British sheep farmers were recently getting not much more than that for the whole animal. Times, Sunday Times (2013)Who would be a dairy farmer these days? The Sun (2015)Pressure on small farmers forced out of their unprofitable holdings was particularly bitter. Frank Welsh THE FOUR NATIONS: A History of the United Kingdom (2002)Thousands of white farmers were thrown off their land.