Dopo il divertimento sul fiume, è stata l di rientrare a Manaus per il match della Nazionale. La Marcialis e la Neguesha, in prima lineaper i loro uomini, hanno deciso di abbigliarsi con le maglie ufficiali dell firmate Puma. Uguale aquella indossata dalla squadra la maglia di Carolina (80 euro).

Il servizio, intitolato “Verso il 2000”, non solo è diventato nel tempo uno dei lavori più iconici dell’autore tedesco, ma rappresenta anche uno dei primi esempi di storytelling applicato all’editoriale di moda. Nella doppia pagina in apertura, dove non compaiono né modelle né abiti ma Ufo che sorvolano la città di Los Angeles, campeggia la scritta: “Femminilità extraterrestre. Tra sogno e realtà.

E poi Tatum O’Neal, Jodie Foster, Daryl Hannah, Diane Lane, Sarah Jessica Parker, Linda Hamilton. Cosa c’entrano questi attori e queste attrici con Top Gun? Niente. Infatti furono tutti contattati per i ruoli di Maverick e Charlie e rifiutarono. The green men are not a product of Christianity (or they have been clothed with a new theological role) because we have a lot of sculptural decorations, and paintings dating back to the age of Imperial Rome ( Domus Aurea of Nero). Masquerones with plant decorations also recall sylvan gods like Pan, Bacchus, Dionysus, and so on, thus some scholars see in the symbol of the green man of early Christianity the intent to incorporate myths and practices of the most widespread mystery religions in the countryside. (see more).

The Sun (2016)But that is during the domestic season and team bosses have made their feelings known to rugby league bigwigs. The Sun (2016)Radio 3 makes its own foray into domestic drama this week. Times, Sunday Times (2016)According to the selling agent, there has been strong interest in the property from domestic buyers and foreign investors.

The Sun (2016)Boer goat has a flavour between beef and lamb and is an extremely healthy source of protein. Times, Sunday Times (2015)Are protein supplement drinks good for serious sports people? The Sun (2012)Present in all natural food especially those rich in calcium and protein. Mayes, Adrienne The Dictionary of Nutritional Health (1986)Researchers found fat men on a high protein diet felt less hungry if they had three meals.

And, of course, Pam and Susan both had excellent posts about nurturing young readers here at Booklights last week. On Wednesday, Susan wrote about the ups and downs of reading aloud. She offered practical advice for parents who might be disappointed by their young kids’ unwillingness to sit still for read aloud.