Times, Sunday Times (2007)The idiosyncrasies of this golf course continue to provide the toughest of tests. Times, Sunday Times (2012) Tennis and golf are regularly grouped together as close sporting cousins with four annual majors. Times, Sunday Times (2016)We should have had golf buggies a long time ago.

Kisimul Castle was built in the thirteenth century at the southern end of the Isle of Barra and was the stronghold of the MacNeills of Barra. The chiefs of the MacNeills were famous for their self esteem and it is said that every evening after the chief had eaten the MacNeill piper was sent out onto the battlements to announce MacNeill has dined. The other potentates of the earth may now dine.

All ho sbagliato. Leggevo le poesie di istante presente di Gary Snyder ( libro uscito nel 2017 a cura di Giuseppe Moretti nella traduzione italiana di Rita Degli Esposti per Jouvence Edizioni ) una ad una e scrivevo man mano un mio commento, una mia riflessione. Poi ho capito.

At this point Ken asked if I was a fundamentalist. My response was that I was an evangelical charismatic. On further reflection after the meeting, I concluded that I should have asked him: What do you mean by fundamentalist? I sensed that he had some pejorative understanding.

Christine Jackman addressed the issue of ‘Grammar crimes fuel my rage’ (Brisbane Times, September 7, 2014). She was enraged with Australia’s Immigration Minister, Scott Morrison, for saying on radio that ‘the bottom line that I look at is how many less children are there in detention today than when I became minister. And the answer is over 530 less’.

Jack Turner SPICE: The History of a Temptation (2004)Her technique as a documentary maker is to keep asking little questions until something cracks. Times, Sunday Times (2011) Another cracking cup tie and we are through with style. The Sun (2012)We used to get up at the crack of dawn to work during the sales season.

Francesco aveva spesso tali “intuizioni”, tanto che quando camminava con gli altri, lasciava che andassero avanti per ascoltare la “voce” del Signore, mettendo una mano sul cuore. Bisogna rinunciare a tutte le immagini create e contemplare la pura luce divina. Si esegue così la preghiera in assoluto silenzio.

Just as an aircraft cannot fly if it is overweight, all female birds must dispense with the fertile egg as soon as it is formed. And because the egg is such a protein rich high nuitrition prize to all sorts of predators, birds must find a secure place to hatch their eggs. Although birds’ eggs appear to be fragile, they are in fact extremely robust.