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And his guest apparently never fully researched the subject of her book actually suggesting that things might have gone differently with the Tea Party, if the economic collapse HAD OCCURRED ON A REPUBLICAN PRESIDENT WATCH! Was she on the moon during the crash and bailouts of 2008? And how about some discussion of the astro turf aspects of the rise of the Tea Party? The principal organizers of the local tea party events are the well funded right wing think tanks Americans for Prosperity and FreedomWorks. Both of theseprovided supportand public relations assistance to this supposedly spontaneous movement (along with Fox and the Koch brothers). How has PBS fallen so low? If Hitler was alive today, would we see him given equal time with his victims on TV, in the name of fairness and balance? We can only hope that this kind of journalism gets swept away with the rest of corporate unfairness.The Tea Party is the outcome of corporate subversion of the media and corporate collusion with fundamentalist religion to brand government as Limbaugh, Oreilly et al spew their corporate apologetics and blame the victim capitalist whitewash to vast audiences of frustrated and insecure sheep.