1068KbAbstractAll particles inside the Standard Model fall inside some of these representations, which are labelled by the value of a continuous parameter called mass m and by the value of the spin s in the massive case or by the value of the helicity h in the massless case. But the most general type of massless particles allowed included the so called infinite spin representations which are characterized by a dimensionful scale K and reduce to familiar helicity particles only in the limit K > 0. These particles are also called continuous spin particles (CSP).

The 2,154 meter tall mountain, true to its reputation as the “most precipitous mountain under heaven”, is a cluster of five peaks with breathtaking cliff faces and a tough challenge to walkers. Hua is popularly known by tourists as the “Most Dangerous Hiking Trail in the World” because even though the climb does not require any technical climbing skills, the trail contains a few steep ascents with cliff like staircases and two optional via ferratas. The biggest danger to safety is often due to overcrowding in the Summer months.

Gerull B, Heuser A, Wichter T, Paul M, Basson CT, McDermott DA, Lerman BB, Markowitz SM, Ellinor PT, MacRae CA, Peters S, Grossmann KS, Drenckhahn J, Michely B, Sasse Klaassen S, Birchmeier W, Dietz R, Breithardt G, Schulze Bahr E, Thierfelder L. Mutations in the desmosomal protein plakophilin 2 are common in arrhythmogenic right ventricular cardiomyopathy. Nat Genet.

La gestione dei pazienti con cancro gastrico è un argomento molto complesso da definire in quanto le molteplici differenze di stadiazione del tumore portano ad altrettanti tipi di interventi. In Italia non sono ancora previste delle linee guida nazionali per la gestione dei pazienti affetti da questa patologia. Dall’indagine telefonica eseguita sulla qualità di vita dei pazienti sottoposti a gastrectomia nei cinque anni dall’intervento è emersocome questa sia nettamente diminuita nel primo anno dall’intervento, in quanto il paziente e il suo fisico devono ancora abituarsi alla nuova situazione.

Eventually the term lost its naval connection and was used to denote British people in general. In the 1880s, it was used to refer to British immigrants in Australia, New Zealand and South Africa (tratto da Wikipedia). A me fa pensare all inglese di prendere il tè con la fetta di limone!.

Using it to treat all manner of diseases and as an antidote to every kind of poison, they called it “all heal”. Kissing under the mistletoe is first found associated with the Greek festival of Saturnalia and later with primitive marriage rites. In Scandinavia, mistletoe was considered a plant of peace, under which enemies could declare a truce or warring spouses would kiss and make up.