Portata: 40 kg Graduazione: 10 g. La puoi portare a mano o in spalla. Muoviti con facilità in aeroporto o in stazione con questa borsa, abbastanza capiente da contenere le tue cose e abbastanza piccola da stare sulle tue ginocchia. The Sun (2015)They are all just clearing their throats at the same time! Times, Sunday Times (2012)They will hand out spitting bags to anyone needing to clear their throat. Times, Sunday Times (2006)Then the back of my throat caught fire. Times, Sunday Times (2013)Do you suffer from frequent sore throats? Martlew, Gillian Silver, Shelley Stay Well This Winter (1989)The retired firefighter had recently been diagnosed with cancer of the mouth and throat.

However, if you say that someone stops to do something, you mean that they interrupt their movement or another activity in order to do that thing. The ‘to’ infinitive indicates purpose. I stopped to have a coffee.. I don find any inconsistency in God treatment of sinners. Why? It’s because God is the absolutely fair, absolutely just/righteous, absolutely good, absolutely holy God. When we stand before him, we will not be able to announce to him, you were unfair in your treatment of me, the sinner.

Times, Sunday Times (2017)The teenage suspects await trial. The Sun (2016)There is no way to pinpoint any one cause behind the results of the survey, which is still awaiting peer review. Smithsonian Mag (2017)The crowd of 30 heard he could stay on the infant’s site while awaiting trial.

Ken admitted that he knew what I was driving at, but he didn’t agree with my view on I Cor 14:9 12 in which tongues needed interpretation if it was in a group setting. He said that tongues were also a prayer language. I agreed, but said that that needed to be practised in private where nobody else could hear and no interpretation was needed.

L’assuefazione all’orrore dei tanti morti annegati e dei bambini abbandonati a se stessi. Si può essere razzisti passivi, per indifferenza e omissione di soccorso. La parte civile del nostro Paese si aspetta prima di distinguere tra i profughi chi ha diritto al soggiorno e chi no un grande moto di solidarietà che accomuni le istituzioni pubbliche e il volontariato privato, laico e cattolico, fino alle famiglie disposte ad accogliere per il tempo necessario chi ha bisogno di aiuto.

6) Le località menzionate si trovano nel Centro della Scozianei dintorni di Paisley e sono ancora luoghi ricchi di fascino. Lands of Newton, situated at a short distance to the north west of Stanely Castle, are bounded on the west by the Ald Patrick burn ; on the north, by the road to Beith ; and on the east, by the Fulbar road. The eastern portion was covered with plantations, and several hundreds of the trees are still growing, reminding the present generation of Tannahill Newton Woods.