Dovevamo camminare in ginocchio. Poi mi appendevano al soffitto e mi lasciavano a penzolare nudo come una lampadina. Poi ci colpivano con i bastoni. Threaten to strangle the global golden goose, said Mark Zandi, chief economist at Moody Analytics. Global economy is on the same page for the first time in over a decade. This threatens to derail it.

Two skyscrapers stood across the street from each other in the Village of Liver and Onions. In the daylight when the streets poured full of people buying and selling, these two skyscrapers talked with each other the same as mountains talk.In the night time when all the people buying and selling were gone home and there were only policemen and taxicab drivers on the streets, in the night when a mist crept up the streets and threw a purple and gray wrapper over everything, in the night when the stars and the sky shook out sheets of purple and gray mist down over the town, then the two skyscrapers leaned toward each other and whispered.Whether they whispered secrets to each other or whether they whispered simple things that you and I know and everybody knows, that is their secret. One thing is sure: they often were seen leaning toward each other and whispering in the night the same as mountains lean and whisper in the night.High on the roof of one of the skyscrapers was a tin brass goat looking out across prairies, and silver blue lakes shining like blue porcelain breakfast plates, and out across silver snakes of winding rivers in the morning sun.

Korb rejects ‘the miracle of a bodily resurrection’. For Korb, this change from literal to metaphorical resurrection ‘has given the story more power’. For him the metaphorical view allows people to return to the story year after year and find new meaning in it..

Times, Sunday Times (2015)Police appealed for witnesses and offered a reward for information. The Sun (2009)Previous research has shown that overeating foods that taste good alters brain reward systems. Times, Sunday Times (2013)There is a reward for its return.

Meanwhile on Set centres conditions of acting for British black and black bi /multi racial actresses. Actors veer from the filmmaking process, question the context of their surroundings, breakdown, and misbehave like viruses disrupting a system. In wearing full body morph suits, they become fully epidermalized.

Un affare potenzialmente molto interessante, vista la capillarità della rete di filiali sul territorio. Forse il problema è che oggi le banche fanno fatica a fare utili, soprattutto rispetto al capitale che sono costrette a detenere per le regole europee. Saluti.