Times, Sunday Times (2010)You could say it was always going to end this way. Times, Sunday Times (2010) Without one you always look like you have absconded from an open prison. Times, Sunday Times (2014)There has always been something jarring and philosophically disconcerting about their juxtaposition.

The Sun (2013)We need to reach out to peers and stand up for peace. The Sun (2014)But many women who take a stand are not so lucky. Times, Sunday Times (2006)Washington had always maintained he stood above party. The Constraints of Corporate Tradition (1987)But pass is too supine with such a shapely hand including a void in their suit. Times, Sunday Times (2011)There will always be an empty void in my heart. Times, Sunday Times (2007)We have to fill the political void.

Since at that time Josephus was not confident of his ability to write in good Greek style, he composed the work first in Aramaic. The Wars of the Jews was written under the commission of the Emperor, and can be looked upon as a bit of propaganda, designed to deter others who might have been tempted to revolt (Wars of the Jews III, v, 8). The title, on the analogy of Caesar’s Gallic War, is probably to be understood from the Roman viewpoint: the war against the Jews, rather than the Jewish War against Rome.

All I know is if EA thinks they can suspend crystals for a few weeks, turn them back on and we’ll all be fine, they deserve what is coming to them. Word has it they intend to reinstate premium currency alongside their Dec 4th content which makes sense, they think that the new content and factions will distract us enough that we may not complain about it or as much. At this point, I fear more for DICE than anyone.

L’aspetto più inquietante del “cantiere” del Trattato, un dispositivo destinato se approvato a sconvolgere la vita democratica di tutto l’Occidente è la sua massima segretezza: la stampa è stata espressamente invitata a starsene alla larga. Si tratta di un ordinamento decisamente eversivo: il grande business si prepara ad emanare i propri diktat non più di nascosto, attraverso le lobby e politici compiacenti del Congresso e della Commissione Europea, ma ormai alla luce del sole, trasformando addirittura in legge il privilegio di una minoranza, contro la stragrande maggioranza della popolazione. L’autonomia istituzionale dello Stato? Completamente aggirata, disabilitata, in ogni settore: dalla protezione dell’ambiente a quello sanitario, dalle pensioni alla finanza, dai contratti di lavoro alla gestione dei beni comuni primari, come l’acqua potabile.